Questions asked by our guests

Frequently asked questions.

Walking Journeys

We work in with you, but we are located in the mountains so there could be some climbs up or down, but we allow plenty of time to do so. We take into consideration the fitness levels of all walkers so we work closely with you to ensue that you enjoy your walk.

Short answer is yes.
We have found that for fitness and physical support , hiking poles will make your journey so much easier. They can be purchased from most camping stores. If you can’t find any let us know and we may have some for your use.

Horse Journeys

Yes. our journeys are created for owner riders. We do not do horse hire.      

  You supply all horse feed and hay where required. Including extra additives, supplements or concentrated feed/pellets.

We supply individual electric fence yards. Horses must be educated to electric fences before arrival.

We supply individual water and feed buckets for each horse.

Each trip is designed for your group. We work closely with you re your horses fitness abilities, and can offer training options depending your trip. Its recommended that your horse be walking fit.

We operate in all weathers, with extreme weather options, see our Terms & Conditions