Super Full Moon Dinner Rides

Enjoy the Mystic mountains of Victoria.

Super Full Moon Horse Trail & Dinner Rides

These experiences are only available 2 or three times a year and are not to be missed. 

 Come and BYO stay on our property overlooking the stunning Strickland Ranges, head out and enjoy our local tracks. 

 On the night of the full moon, saddle up later in the day, have your head torch ready then off down the trail. Ride along with a small group, be guided and supported and be beguiled by the experience of riding under the full moon.  

When you arrive for dinner, find the tables set up, the esky full of ice and beverages’ and your 2 course camp oven dinner simmering, ready.

After dinner, it’s time to mount up again and to follow your guide back to your camp. It’s a very late night but truly a unique full moon experience.

Full Moon Ride in the Mystic Mountains
Sunset over the mountains